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Testimonial Snapshots

    • I can’t believe how quiet the room is now. The snoring was loud and disturbing especially because of the fighting for breath which accompanied it.
    • I can now sleep sound knowing that the apnea attacks of the past, will also be a thing of the past! I also note that (wife’s name) is not as fatigued and as “grouchy” thanks to this amazing device.
    • I wake no more than twice a night rather than 5 – 6 times. Awake refreshed rather than heavy and at least twice a week with a slight headache. Feel fresher and alert. No more guilt about my partners discomfort or having to sleep elsewhere in consideration.
    • Somnodontics Consultation
    • Now not worried about sharing a room with a work colleague at a conference or going away with a group of friends.
  • Somnodontics Consultation
    • Very good, world class. Step in the right direction for improving my health. Thanks! Money well spent!
    • Mouth splint working brilliantly. Husband says even though snoring can sometimes be heard it is 98% less and not as loud! Wearing it most nights, and going all night usually. All in all it's been a huge success.
    • Husband thinks I am either awake or dead I am so quiet!!
    • Everything is great. They are very comfortable and my wife hasn’t heard so much as a buzz, let alone a dreaded snore!
    • What a relief! I can use CPAP but your MAS is so much easier, especially when I’m travelling. I feel just fine in the morning with it too! Thanks so much.