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SomnoSplint™ MAS

  • SomnoSplint™


    The Somnodontics SomnoSplint™ has the following advantages over most other types of mandibular advancement splint (MAS):

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      Low profile

      The SomnoSplint™ is far less bulky than other devices on the market, so that it is easier to insert and much less obtrusive. This also makes it a convenient solution for relieving the embarrassment of snoring on long-distance air travel and in shared accommodation. The low profile and two-part coupling MDSA® mechanism of this MAS encourages the sealing of the lips and breathing through the nose – a far healthier and quieter option than breathing through the mouth.

    • Durable

      SomnoSplints™ are hand made from single-cured hard acrylic and normally use no retention clasps. This means that they are:

      • easy to clean;
      • more hygienic than other varieties, which can separate or de-laminate;
      • strong enough to withstand the grinding effects of bruxism, while still protecting the teeth;
      • do not need to be stored in water during the day.
    • Easily adjusted

      You can easily adjust the SomnoSplint™ surgical steel MDSA® mechanism, in or out of the mouth, using a simple tool. This means the splint can be advanced or retarded quickly, to achieve best effect and maximum comfort.

    • Repairable

      SomnoSplints™ are easily fixable using conventional acrylic repair processes. This means that in the unlikely event of damage, they can be readily mended or relined by any dental technician. This also allows for modifications should your dental condition change, for example to cater for new crowns or bridges.

    • Kinder to your jaw joints

      Because the SomnoSplint™ supports both the front and the back teeth, it balances the bite and distributes those forces evenly between the upper and lower jaws. It is also designed to maximise the amount of comfortable forward jaw protrusion.

    • SomnoSplint™ colours

      Available in a range of colours.

      Able to be customised

      Although most SomnoSplints™ are made from transparent acrylic, they can also be ordered in a variety of different colours and designs.

    • Covered by a three-year warranty

      Compared to the usual 12-month factory ‘repairs only’ warranty of other appliances, the SomnoSplint™ therapy programme is professionally supported for three years (some conditions apply).

  • Mandibular advancement splints (MAS)

    Medical authorities in the USA, Europe and Australasia now recommend a dental appliance called a mandibular advancement splint (MAS) as the front-line treatment for chronic snoring and the less severe degrees of OSA. These devices help to hold the jaw and tongue forward, away from the vibrating soft palate and throat, supporting a much wider airway, thereby relieving the main cause of snoring and upper airway obstruction.

    There are several designs of MAS in use worldwide, but different types of appliances can have unwanted side-effects. For example, recent published research shows that the soft ‘do-it-yourself boil and bite’ devices available through internet suppliers are poor substitutes for custom-made, adjustable MASs. They are bulky, offer a poor fit and can do more harm than good. It is important for your long-term health that your MAS is fitted and monitored by a qualified practitioner with special training in dental sleep medicine.

    As every Somnodontics MAS is fabricated in a specialist orthodontic laboratory under closely monitored control standards, we are able to provide individualized treatment to achieve the best possible results.

    Dr Greg’s adjustable SomnoSplint™ is designed to minimize undesirable side-effects and provide a convenient long-term solution for:

    • Habitual or loud snoring
    • Mild to moderate OSA
    • CPAP intolerance or alternative for travel
    • Unsuccessful snoring surgery